Author: Kavita

make a career change

4 Steps to Begin to Make a Career Change

So you’ve been thinking about a career change - you want to begin to make a career change, but don’t know how to start. It’s a familiar enough situation, one that I see everyday in my conversations with scores of professionals. Every day you drag...

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Career Lessons from Movies

Mid Career Lessons from Movies

Imagine if Sholay had been a 1 hour something movie instead of the 3 hr 24 min saga that it was! Would you have been as gripped by the story - been drawn into the lives of the characters, their hopes, fears and the sweep of their...

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Networking Made Easy For Introverts – Top 3 Tips

As an introvert, I have made at least 5x the number of connections in the past one year, since covid, than pre-covid. So what or who has changed? 1. NETWORKING IS ABOUT VOICE, NOT ABOUT BUSINESS CARDS: I think much like 'inbound' vs outbound marketing, I've found...

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5 Steps to Building Sustainable Careers

Why do we need to think about sustainable careers and not just career growth? In today's ever-evolving job market, the pursuit of sustainable careers has become more critical than ever. The days of sticking to a single job for an entire career are long gone. With...

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