LEADERSHIP TEAM COACHING – Coaching Leadership Teams in Startups & Growing Organizations

Why do leadership teams at growing organizations need leadership team coaching?

Is your company helmed by young and ambitious leaders/founding members who are raring to drive results?

And is your leadership team full of individually great talents and abilities, but together you could do with improving communication, getting some more structure around roles and responsibilities in place and smoothening the decision making process?

Often leadership teams at startups and growing organizations comprise individuals with prior startup experience, product knowledge and industry skills. But when they have to come together as a team to take decisions about the direction of the company, differences in their ways of working and communicating, lack of alignment around the strategic vision and lack of clarity around roles and responsibilities start adversely affecting their output. Leadership team coaching can make a significant difference to improving the performance of such teams.

In other cases, where leadership teams in such organizations have been formed organically, as friends join hands as co-founders, the dynamics within the leadership team, as the business grows and becomes more complex, may also change. It is no longer enough to have great chemistry alone among leadership team members. Decision making becomes more complex and structures have to be evolved to facilitate communication and sharing of expertise as well as ensuring that all leaders are rowing in the same direction. For instance, the CMO and CEO may have significantly different working styles and not knowing how to complement each other’s strengths can considerably lower the overall business impact and quality of decision making at the company.

This is found even more commonly among leadership teams at startups where the members are relatively younger. In the growth stage of the business, leadership teams may have to take decisions on how to pivot and quickly keep experimenting with new ideas – again this calls for a good understanding among members of the leadership teams and the ability to work as an agile team.

Our leadership team coaching interventions address these problems and needs and enable superior team performance by leadership teams of startups and growing organizations.

Who can benefit from our Leadership Team Coaching interventions?

Our Leadership Team Coaching interventions are for leadership teams of growing organizations who want to see a step-change in their performance and results.

You should hire us for leadership team coaching if you

  • Are finding relationships among leaders are strained, some members are facing burnout or exhaustion and there is a need to clarify roles and areas of responsibility and decision making without making it too rigid
  • Are experiencing a sudden expansion in core leadership team, with new people coming in from the industry who need to be integrated with the founding team members. Some instances when we have successfully coached leadership teams are when function heads  such as HR Head, Marketing Head, have been hired from outside to work alongside the founding team members and new ways of structuring work have to be evolved
  • Have distributed leadership teams with some members working in different places. In some cases, we have worked with leadership teams where business and growth heads have been located in different geographies from operations and marketing heads. This led to gaps in communication and inter-personal differences which were resolved by leadership team coaching for the leadership team as a whole.
  • Are finding that leadership team members have high quality hard or technical skills but soft skills are lacking. Improving the soft skills through leadership team coaching, can lead to significant impact on innovation in products and services and customer service and satisfaction.

Key takeaways of Leadership Team Coaching interventions

Leadership team coaching has been shown to increase performance, improve confidence, improve relationships and increase team effectiveness. What differentiates our leadership team coaching interventions are the way they are designed – to complement and increase the agility of leadership teams in fast growing organizations.

The pace of our leadership team coaching interventions is fast and focused. Leadership teams who get coached by us can expect the following

  • Understand and learn to navigate complex interpersonal relationships. Where leadership team members are struggling to de-personalize their relationships and move into the stage of business where personal chemistry is also complemented by a willingness to work with complementary strengths and conflicting styles
  • Upgrade trust and communication within team. Trust has a direct impact on energy, engagement, productivity and retention. Trust also makes reviews and post-mortems more honest, leading to better quality of decision making and reduced mistakes
  • Increase knowledge and expertise sharing among team members making it more usable for the business.
  • Achieve greater alignment around the strategic direction and core values of the organization. This makes it easier to take decisions about business growth, hiring, organization culture etc
  • Navigate periods of change, take up new roles, integrate new talent who can support the business goals and strategy

Our leadership team coaching enables the leadership teams at young and growing organizations to be able to strike the right balance between speed and structure, individual excellence and complementary strengths to  be able to deliver results consistently.

If your leadership teams have to move beyond the ‘problem solving’ stage in the business to now also ‘broaden and build’, our leadership team coaching can support you in doing so.