A Free Guide to Designing your Career for the Future of Work

Your career is a continuous work- in-progress. Don’t just look for the next promising job, but instead understand the process of designing your career so you are prepared for the future of work. Download our free guide to get designing right away!


Switch to Success is a FULLY ONLINE CAREER DEVELOPMENT program to enable you to develop or even change your career. Register at The workshop consists of 10 online webinars of 2.5 hours each.

Urja is a workshop for mid-career professionals who may be feeling uncertain, stuck or challenged to take the next growth step in their careers. Hear what Urja participants have to say about how they benefited from Urja. Register at

Urja is a workshop for mid-career professionals who may be feeling uncertain or stuck in their careers. How does Urja create a shift for mid-career professionals – learn about the process and what you can expect at Urja. Register at

How do you prepare to reinvent yourself? By upgrading your internal operating system. Know more at

As careers become more non-linear and the future of work demands constant reinvention, have you thought about how you are going to reinvent yourself? And especially at mid-career? Know more about our coaching for reinvention at

Portfolio careers are exciting, offer great variety in terms of using your different kinds of skills and they are also tough and intense. In this episode of Switch – the show on preparing for the future of work, listen to Dipankar Mukherjee as he shares the ups and downs of building a portfolio career.