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We are CEOs of our own companiesMe Inc. To be in business todayour most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You…” – Tom Peters, author of The Brand Called You, Fast Company

Personal Brand Bundle is your investment into yourself – discovering and putting the shine on your personal brand, so you stand out in a hyper crowded world.

What is Personal Brand Bundle about

Do you think your resume and cover letter are sufficient to tell your professional story? And are these just pieces of paper or are they positioning you in a way that makes you stand out from the horde of applicants to a job?

To succeed in the new world of work, you have to relentlessly focus on creating your personal brand – on strategically, creatively and professionally telling the story of what makes you, YOU. 

Personal Brand Bundle is about Showing your Work Powerfully – not just what you do but how you do what you do, through artifacts such as your resume, Linked In profile, social media presence.

Who is Personal Brand Bundle for?

Personal Brand Bundle is for anyone who wants to tap into the right opportunities by standing out amidst the crowd. You should invest in Personal Brand Bundle especially if you have been

Struggling to get noticed by recruiters, potential employers (few/no interview calls, inability to make it past interviews)

Wanting to switch to a different role/domain and don’t have a compelling story to back this

Getting overlooked in internal hiring because you are not seen as a right ‘fit’ for a different role within your organization

Changing roles/organizations frequently and finding it difficult to tie your experiences/skills convincingly into one story


  • FULLY ONLINE – 1-1 coaching with sharp, structured questions to help you draw out and identify your signature strengths, significant life and work experiences which contribute to your personal brand
  • EXPERT REVIEW – Our eyes on your brand means you get the benefit of hundreds of hours of expertise in developing job search artifacts which do what they’re meant to do – get you a look in with prospective employers. We help you convey your personal brand powerfully and effectively through revamping your resume, Linked In and cover letter
  • TEACHING YOU TO NURTURE YOUR BRAND – Personal branding is not a one-time exercise. We show you how to continue to nurture your brand – what stories to tell and how to tell them so your brand stays active and relevant 

Key Takeaways of Personal Brand Bundle

Personal Brand Bundle gives you takeaways in 3 main areas

Identifying not just your unique skills and strengths, but learning ‘skill stacking’ i.e combining your skills in a completely novel way, giving you significant ‘career capital’

Personal branding artifacts such as your resume, Linked In profile and cover letter, which reinforce and boost your personal brand

Learning how to actively nurture your personal brand through consistent, strategic actions such as your communicating through your social media accounts, writing blogs etc

Personal Brand Bundle Investment

INR 37000/– (Includes 3 online 1-1 coaching sessions of 60 min each, exercises to help you understand your strengths and transferable skills, a customized new resume, Linked In profile and cover letter, 18% GST)


Kavita Neelakantan

Kavita Neelakantan

FOUNDER, Kavyata

Kavita, an alumna of IIM Ahmedabad, brings 18 years of experience in Experiential Learning, Personal Growth & Organization Development.

Neeru Gupta

Neeru Gupta


Neeru previously headed the Learning function at McKinsey India and has been a facilitator, coach and change consultant for 23 years.

Animesh Gupta

Animesh Gupta

Consultant, Kavyata



An organizational psychologist, Pooja has 13 years of experience across work-life coaching, leadership development and behavioural skills...






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