“Training alone can improve performance by 22%, while training accompanied by coaching can improve performance by 88%.” – Harvard Business Review

Our coaching enables diverse individuals – mid-career professionals, change leaders and entrepreneurs, women leaders, in reimagining your career and work and taking charge of your own personal and professional growth with confidence. Our expert coaches create a space for exploration, clarifications and stock taking in the spheres of work roles and life journey. This impacts individuals both professionally and personally by helping them to proactively enhance effectiveness, taking actions towards goals and improving well being. 


Why is coaching so important?

As the levels of complexity and change increase exponentially, so does our need for being able to simplify this complexity and what it means to us. In today’s environment, we believe that everyone can gain immensely from coaching. Even leaders like Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, testify to the tremendous benefit that coaching can bring to individuals by giving them real and supportive feedback to improve.

Coaching gives perspective, enabling you to focus on what’s really most important and in an increasingly busy, distracted and challenging environment that we are all in, this focus and perspective can elevate your effectiveness several notches. 

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How can you benefit from coaching?

Expand perspective in a safe way

Coaching is different from managerial feedback and allows you to approach difficult issues without feeling constricted by organizational requirements. Even when coaching is sponsored by the organization, confidentiality between the coach and client ensures that you get a safe space which is supportive and challenging.

The coach holds up a mirror so you see what is holding you back and what strengths you should amplify. You may also see things more objectively and with greater clarity, generating more options and perspectives. 

Set energizing and meaningful goals and take action towards them

Often you may feel stuck because you don’t have a goal which inspires you or you are caught between conflicting goals. Coaching helps to uncover your motivations, needs and values and thereby find goals which are more aligned with these.

In career coaching particularly, individuals often acquire  much more clarity on professional goals which are energizing and meaningful, thereby getting unstuck. Coaching also helps to track these goals and put into place, habits and practices to achieve these goals. 

Get a personalized learning plan and enhance skills

Every individual has different skill sets, strengths and goals and coaching helps to create a personalized learning and skill development plan which aligns these. Through psychometric tools and assessments, individuals can become aware of their strengths and patterns and learn how to work on these.

Coaches can also guide individuals on developing specific skills such as communication, assertion, delegation, managing conflicts etc.

What are the kinds of coaching we offer

Our coaching is customized to your needs, wants, goals, or vision for where you want to go, and we help you design steps for getting there. We offer Career change/transition Coaching where we simplify your career change/transition challenges, Leadership Coaching where we coach leaders and people managers to develop agility and growth mindsets and  Personal Growth Coaching which expands self awareness and leads to greater effectiveness in  pursuit of personal and professional goals.

Our coaching is highly responsive to your needs including in-person, online coaching, one-on-one and group formats.


Career transition and career change can make you feel lonely, confused and overwhelmed. Our coaching process helps you to make quicker and more successful career changes – from finding the right role aligned to your skills and interests to getting clarity on your future career direction.


In a VUCA world, change and disruption are continuously experienced realities for individuals and organizations. Our personal growth coaching helps you to build your capacity for inner agility and develop a growth mindset.


We enable leaders to lead through times of uncertainty and change, by deeply tapping into understanding who they are, what they can do, where they are going and acquiring the ability to influence their communication, emotions and behavior on the way to getting there.


Switch to Success is a FULLY ONLINE CAREER DEVELOPMENT program to enable you to develop or even change your career. Register at The workshop consists of 10 online webinars of 2.5 hours each.

Urja is a workshop for mid-career professionals who may be feeling uncertain, stuck or challenged to take the next growth step in their careers. Hear what Urja participants have to say about how they benefited from Urja. Register at

Urja is a workshop for mid-career professionals who may be feeling uncertain or stuck in their careers. How does Urja create a shift for mid-career professionals – learn about the process and what you can expect at Urja. Register at

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As careers become more non-linear and the future of work demands constant reinvention, have you thought about how you are going to reinvent yourself? And especially at mid-career? Know more about our coaching for reinvention at

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Experience Coaching – Schedule a Free Discovery Coaching Session 


What exactly is coaching?

Coaching is a process focused on helping you reach your personal and professional goals.  Typically, this is accomplished through a series of 1-on-1 sessions (deep dive conversations) where you work closely with your coach, who is a trained professional who specializes in helping you achieve your greatest potential in life.  A professional coach can offer a variety of tools and techniques while providing an objective perspective.

In the coaching we do at Kavyata, we focus on three pillars fundamental to growth, whether in personal or professional realms: clarity, confidence, and courage. We help our clients achieve clarity (around goals, vision, skills, strengths, motivations etc) enhance their confidence (even when there is uncertainty) and expand their courage to take new actions.

What kind of goals can coaching help me achieve?

The coaching relationship and process is focused on working with your needs, wants, goals, or vision for where you want to go, and then designing steps for getting there. The choice of the goals and their priority will be based on each client’s specific needs e.g. career transition, professional growth, self-awareness, inter-personal effectiveness, developing leadership skills and mindsets etc.

The coaching process is meant to facilitate ‘growth’. The chief meaning of growth here is a positive driving force for better choices and better actions in all kinds of realms. Coaching is a systematic process typically directed at fostering the on-going self-directed learning and growth of the client.

How does working with a coach benefit me?

Coaching is a goal-oriented, solution-focused process in which your coach works with you to help you

  • clarify the source of perceived problems
  • identify and construct possible solutions
  • come up with a range of goals and options
  • facilitate the development and enactment of action plans to achieve these goals.

You also learn to take suitable actions to meet your overall goals for the coaching.

Is there a best/ideal time to work with a coach? How can I derive the most benefit from being coached?

While coaching can be beneficial at various stages in your life and career, it tends to work best when there is a pull towards it e.g. you are unhappy or stuck in your career/life, you find yourself at a dead end or in a rut and are unsure of what to do, you want to make a significant career/life transition or you want to accelerate your growth and expand your potential etc


You will derive the most from working with a coach, if you are seeking one or more of the following

  • Someone who can hold you accountable to making progress
  • Someone who can provide you a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space to discuss personal and professional concerns
  • A dedicated time and space to focus on some important career issues
  • Some “expert” perspective on potential ways to move forward, a chance to work with someone who can create possibilities for growth and unlock your potential
How will I know if I should choose a particular coach?

You need to have a chemistry check with anyone you might be considering as a potential coach. During this conversation, get a sense of whether the coach leaves you feeling more confident about your strengths and abilities, provides new perspectives and has personally gone through some of the struggles/concerns you are facing. If your answer to these is yes, then you know you are in good hands and you can choose that particular coach.

How many sessions of coaching might I need?

This depends on your specific goals, but generally, it takes multiple sessions to create meaningful progress. At Kavyata, we find that those who get the most from the coaching, commit to certain goals they aim to achieve over a 120 day period, as significant change doesn’t happen overnight.  During this time, about 6 in-depth sessions take place. We usually move forward 2 sessions at a time, so you feel you are getting the most value and you decide how many such blocks of 2 sessions you need.

How will I know if coaching is working for me?

There are 2 simple ways in which you can assess if coaching is working for you – 1) after every coaching session, you feel that you have learned something new about yourself and have more clarity on factors affecting your problem/situation 2) at the end of a coaching session, you feel energized by a new perspective you have gained, a new action that you have discovered you can take.

Coaching works for you if it can help you move the needle on Clarity, Confidence or Courage. This is an additive process too, every session builds on these from the previous sessions and leads you towards new and better actions for yourself.

I have never worked with a coach before? How do I get started and what can I expect?

The best way to get started is to request an introductory “chemistry” consultation (typically free) where you briefly discuss your current situation and where you want to go. Schedule a free discovery session here. During this conversation, you will get a feel for whether our coaches can help you and support you in your goals. You can also read the testimonials of other people we have coached. Once you are sure that you want to work with us, let us know and we will help you in determining the number of sessions, next steps etc.

Can I work with a coach from a different geography?

Certainly. We work with people from across the globe – Singapore, Middle East, Indonesia, Germany, Switzerland, UK and USA and our home country India of course. Now after covid19, we have all become adept at using online mediums like Zoom, Google Meet to have high quality conversations and discussions and coaching is no different.

How do I know which kind of coaching I might need?

Our coaching is meant to support you in different kinds of personal and professional goals.

Leadership Coaching

Coaching for mid-senior executives and senior leaders to help you grow your leadership abilities, especially your skills and mindsets in being able to work with and influence people impactfully. We help you understand your leadership strengths and blind spots. This is best for you if you have at least 10 plus years of experience, are leading a team already or want to make a transition from an individual contributor to a leadership role

Career coaching

You will benefit from career coaching if you are feeling stuck in your career, not achieving growth, or you want to make a career transition or career change. This is best for you if you have anywhere from 5 plus years of experience.

Personal Growth coaching

If you want support in dealing with diverse aspects of your life – professional growth, relationships, holistic work, finding meaning and purpose through your work, then personal growth coaching will be best for you.