“Training alone can improve performance by 22%, while training accompanied by coaching (i.e collaborative problem solving, feedback and evaluation) can improve performance by 88%.” – Harvard Business Review

The aim of the coaching process is to provide a sounding board for exploration, clarifications, focused support and challenge in areas that wil enhance your effectiveness and well-being. Whether you seek coaching to clarify a career direction or to accelerate professional growth, our coaching is a goal-oriented and solution focused process where we work with your needs, wants and goals.



For individuals who are seeking to clarify career direction, change career tracks


For those who want to achieve professional growth by focusing on leadership behaviours, removing limiting beliefs and clarifying role-goal alignment


Kavita, an alumna of IIM Ahmedabad, brings over 16 years of experience in the domains of Experiential Learning, Adult Learning, Personal Growth & Change and Organization Development.

Kavita has completed her internship in Applied Behavioural Sciences from the Sumedhas Academy for Human Context She has worked with leading Indian and international companies including Johnson & Johnson India Ltd, Xseed Education, Goldman Sachs and Usha International Ltd. As a facilitator and coach, Kavita brings sharp insights along with a deeply supportive and empathetic style. She has worked with clients across domains, including IT, higher education, social entrepreneurship, development sector and healthcare.

Kavita’s forte is Transition coaching and facilitation. Her work around Transitions is influenced deeply by developmental and social psychologists (such as Robert Kegan, Jean Piaget,  Clare Graves, Suzanne Cook-Greuter etc) and looks at how individuals and collectives (such as organizations) go through stages of development, with associated behaviours, perspectives and challenges.