Personal Growth Coaching

“The major key to your better future is YOU. To have more, become more. Work harder on yourself, than you do on your job.” – Jim Rohn

Taking ownership of your own growth and learning and demonstrating agility, will be key differentiators for your future readiness. Develop future readiness through our personal growth coaching.

The most successful and satisfied people in every sphere of life have one simple mantra: “Invest in yourself. Nobody can take away what you’ve got in yourself, and everybody has potential they haven’t used yet.”

Personal growth is not something which is reserved for those in positions of significant power or responsibility. It is in fact, what every one of us must be engaged in – not only for its own sake but because personal growth is intimately connected with success and satisfaction at work and in all aspects of our lives.

We are well and truly in the 4th Industrial revolution (especially post covid19) where the most important ingredients for success are learning, agility and adaptiveness.  Learning, agility and adaptiveness are all ingredients of growth; in other words being able to adopt a growth mindset is central to our personal and professional development. However, for many of us, these mindsets and growth behaviours may not have been prioritized through our education and early career experiences. We need to consciously cultivate these and that’s where personal growth coaching can be immensely helpful.

Why and when do you need Personal Growth Coaching??

Personal growth means different things to different people. Very often, people are not clear as to what their personal growth journey would exactly need to look like. If we knew it so well, we could figure it out ourselves right? But in reality, the need for investing in oneself and one’s own personal growth may arise when you experience some of the following

A desire to do more, a feeling that you have unused talents and potentials, but you don’t know what exactly these are and how to put them to effective use

A feeling of wanting to try out something new/different, but getting anxious/fearful about it. Also, not knowing what exactly those new steps could be

Restlessness from trying to start building new habits/behaviours/mindsets, but not getting ahead with them

A need to act on feedback given to you at work about things you need to change, but which you are still struggling with. You want a safe space to be able to do so

Not being sure of what makes you feel successful and satisfied, not knowing what your ‘hot buttons’ or triggers are

The intense ‘busyness’ of life in general makes it even more difficult to pause and reflect on some of these feelings and take steps to address them. That’s why, personal growth coaching is a great investment for making a significant difference, not only to your future self, but also starting now, to take charge of goals which matter to you.

Outcomes of Personal Growth Coaching

Personal Growth coaching taps into your potential, expanding it and making it more available and useful to you in pursuing your own goals and aspirations. Our integrated coaching approach which blends Neuroscience, Positive Psychology and Eastern traditions, can benefit you in a number of ways including

  • Learning the mindsets to thrive amidst technological and business environment changes
  • Getting clarity on your energy enhancers and energy blockers, so you can enhance your productivity and effectiveness
  • Being able to see others’ perspectives, leading to improved relationships
  • Greater self-awareness, enabling you to work more effectively on your goals and aspirations

Some of the people we have worked with through our personal growth coaching programs have shared that it has helped them to

  • Let go of fears and self -doubt
  • Stay motivated amidst difficult situations
  • Manage time and delegate better
  • Find clarity with short and long term career goals
  • Consciously leverage strengths and talents
  • Build networks, improve inter-personal relationships
  • Prioritize learning and professional development

The major building blocks of our coaching are


we use psychometric tools, storytelling, structured exercises for this


through many exercises (supported by neuroscience) designed to break through old patterns and seed new ways of thinking and doing


creative visualization of possibilities and putting in place practices to move towards these


Kavita Neelakantan

Kavita Neelakantan

FOUNDER, Kavyata

Kavita, an alumna of IIM Ahmedabad, brings 18 years of experience in Experiential Learning, Personal Growth & Organization Development.

Neeru Gupta

Neeru Gupta


Neeru previously headed the Learning function at McKinsey India and has been a facilitator, coach and change consultant for 23 years.

Animesh Gupta

Animesh Gupta

Consultant, Kavyata



An organizational psychologist, Pooja has 13 years of experience across work-life coaching, leadership development and behavioural skills...



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