Career  Change/Transition Coaching

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Are you in the middle of navigating a career transition or having career change thrust upon you e.g. relocation, layoff, burnout?

Career transition and career change can make you feel uncertain, lonely, confused, overwhelmed.

Our career coaching process helps you navigate career transition and successfully change your career by helping you acquire the knowledge, mindset and skills needed to build a career on your own terms.

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Career Change/Transition Coaching – Find your next Career Opportunity & Make your Career Change Successful

As we have moved into the new world of work especially post covid19, hundreds of professionals are on the lookout for a career change. However, career change is not just about shooting off your resume to a bunch of head-hunters and then waiting for interview calls to land you that job.

The career change process, whether it is necessitated by external situations like the covid crisis or because want to voluntarily change tracks in your career, has a series of stages. And at each stage there are important questions to address. That’s where career coaching can make the career change process far more effective and elevate your job search to a different level.

Career change works when there is a method and structure to it! Our coaching process helps you to make quicker and more successful career changes – from finding the right role aligned to your skills and interests to getting clarity on your future career direction.

This process called the B-R-I-D-G-E process, helps you build a bridge to your next professional step:


By mapping your career and life story, we identify your core strengths, values, interests, skills and aspirations. And how can you broaden your skills by creating a skill stack? We help you with these and also zero in on your key transferable skills.


Successful career change/transition hinges a lot on cultivating new networks which position you for new kinds of opportunities. We help you identify important relationships and strategies for widening your network in a way to support your career interests, career pivots.


What do your different interests tell you about your career direction? We help you identify and pursue most relevant interests and establish own key criteria to assess them.


Can you quickly test your way to a  promising career direction with low risk? Yes, we build nifty pilots with you to help you take small steps with career prototypes and get real time feedback.


We work with you to help you create a strong narrative for your brand and body of work.


We work on energy flows and blocks which will enable clear, continuous steps towards your career goals.

Who is Career Change/Transition Coaching for?

The average person will change careers (not just jobs) at least 4-7 times over her working life. Career Change/Transition is the NEW NORMAL. 

And yet Career change or career transition often brings us face to face with many fears and assumptions which block us in our path towards greater fulfilment at work.  So if you are experiencing any of these, you are a good candidate for Career Change/Career Transition coaching

Unclear direction

you don’t know what kind of work/career you want. If you sense that you want to change your career, but have too many different ideas and interests and can’t figure out which one to pursue, then you’re the right candidate for career coaching.


Sometimes, you don’t have to choose – you may be able to build a portfolio career which is a great mix of 2-3 of your top interests. At other times, working with the career change coach, you will understand how to construct pilots or career experiments, which can allow you to test your way into new careers with low amounts of risk. Career change coaching will help you strategise about volunteer opportunities, independent or freelance assignments, short term projects and also the right kind of network to help you test your career experiments.

Skills gap

you sense you need to upgrade/switch your skills to move into a career you want, but don’t know how to go about it. With the rapid changes around us, skills quickly become outdated and need to be upgraded. But you may be


wondering which kind of skills to take up and how to upskill yourself- should it be an online course, a regular course at a college/university, a project based opportunity where you learn new skills or a mix of these. Career coaching can help you to clarify your learning goals given your career aspirations and then create a learning and up skilling plan which works best for you. This will also accelerate your career change.

Social pressure

if expectations of family and friends around your work/career are weighing you down, you need help to step back and clarify what your own work aspirations are. You may also feel lost as if you don’t have a career dream which excites you


and makes you want to put your best foot forward? This could happen anytime and for a number of reasons. But whenever such a feeling overwhelms you, you would do well to consider career coaching. Through a mix of asking supportive and challenging questions, a career change coach can help you see what your real motivators are, where your energy can be best used to do work that is not just a livelihood, but is also inspiring.

Not making it past interviews

Have you been struggling with making it past the interview stage? Do you feel like you have what it takes for the jobs that you apply to but aren’t able to articulate your strengths confidently in interviews?


Career coaching can be very valuable for you– from giving your resume a facelift so it conveys your career story with more flair to giving your feedback on how you are coming across at interviews so that you can boost your presence, articulation and storytelling techniques. Moreover, coaching can give you self-awareness and you learn how to answer difficult questions like why there are gaps in your work history, why you may have been laid off etc.

Career change anxiety

if you are wracked by doubts on whether the career change you want will throw you into uncertainty or make you have to start from zero.  If you feel like you’re not making progress in your career and are overcome with anxiety, career coaching


may be a good option to turn to. Maybe you need to change the direction of your career or you’re not building your career brand powerfully or you’re doing the wrong kind of work where your true strengths and skills are not getting seen. You can get to the bottom of the situation with coaching and then take action to start getting ‘unstuck’ in your career.

Coming back from a career detour/sabbatical

This is a good reason to seek out career coaching, especially if you’ve had to be away from traditional employment options for some length of time. Your career coach helps you see the experiences you’ve had


in the interim and draw out strengths and skills even from these non-traditional work experiences. For instance, if you took time off to explore entrepreneurship and it didn’t work out – you still learnt a lot during that stint and coaching can help you position this experience in the right way.

Mid-career change

A lot of people find themselves wanting to make a mid-career change, after having worked in a field for 15-20 years. Perhaps you worked in one area for a long time but now find that careers related to that area don’t excite you?


After two decades in accounting, maybe you want to trade in your spreadsheets and financial analysis for the opportunity to write for a travel blog? More than anything else, you may feel guilty about foregoing all the years of effort in that line of education and work and so stay stuck even though its unfulfilling. Do you think career change at 40 is not possible? You’re wrong! At mid-career stage too, getting coached by a professional career coach will enable you to make a mid-career change that makes the best use of your past experiences and education too (by culling out transferable skills from these). This will also help you work through the process of giving more concrete shape to your new interests and turn them into enjoyable work.

Unused skills & strengths

If you’re in a role where you are overusing or narrowly using only very few strengths, you need a career upgrade. If you find for instance, that 80% of your time is spent doing project coordination alone, leaving little room for you to use


your analytical thinking, resource mobilization and leadership skills, then you need to figure out a way to put them to better use.Or maybe you can sense that only some strengths and skills are being used, and you’re not sure what other skills you should potentially be highlighting. A career coach can help you identify areas of highest impact for you which utilize your signature strengths and skills. Coaches may use a mix of various assessment tools and facilitative conversations to draw out this understanding.

What can you expect to get from Career Change/Career Transition Coaching

Each person’s career needs are unique and so are the outcomes of Career Change/ CareerTransition Coaching. A range of outcomes includes 

Figuring out a new, exciting career path to pursue


Visualizing your future work self, brings the momentum to kick start your career change process. Otherwise it’s easy to get trapped in excuses for being stuck or not taking action. Working with a career coach can get you to visualize this future self. Too often, when we think of career change, we choose something too close to what we are already doing, because we can’t break out of the mold and paint a different future. Career coaching helps you find inspiration using tools like vision boards, mind mapping, drawing and thoughtfully unpacking the unseen, intuitive guidance that these tools will bring forth.

Getting clarity on your career drivers


By asking open ended questions about how you want to feel through the work you want to do, where you see yourself and with what kinds of people, a career coach helps to tease out important markers for your future work self and brings it all together in the form of an energizing career vision and direction which gets you to act.

Overcoming career change fears and resistance


Career change throws up a unique conundrum – as soon as you visualize an exciting future work self, your current self starts resisting the change – it makes this felt by bringing up your fears, doubts and mental barriers. Ask anyone who has been through significant career change and they will tell you that there was a scary state of uncertainty that they had to overcome. All kinds of fears – the fear of failure, rejection, loss of status, worry of taking the wrong decision or making a financially unrewarding move, put you in the ‘analysis- paralysis’ mode. At this stage, working with a career coach can make all the difference between being paralyzed by your fears and hence staying in the rut, or taking small but sure steps towards the New You. Coaching can provide perspective on your fears (yes they are real, but there are also workarounds), help you in seeing other sources of energy and potential within you which can be used to constructively combat the fears and craft a support strategy which can see you through this phase of uncertainty.

Successfully showcasing your transferable skills


to a new employer and moving into a new role. When you’ve been in a particular role, industry, function for some time, it’s hard to visualize how your experiences can be relevant in a different role, function or even a different format of work. And if you’re gunning for a full time role, it’s harder to present a compelling case around why the hiring manager from your target company and domain should take a bet on you, preferring you over more traditional hires from the same domain or functional experience.Here is where career coaching can be the clincher by enabling you to identify and put the shine on your transferable skills. Coaches are trained in mapping your career, spotlighting your significant achievements and experiences and drawing out the most important transferable skills from these, giving you a much better shot at your next opportunity.

Starting part-time/volunteer projects to pivot/transition into a new domain/function


One of the things to remember for career changers, is that new formats of work are fast emerging, which means that while you keep up the search for your ideal work/role, you can do a number of things which can help you get there faster. Volunteering, starting an online gig, job sharing (where you and another individual share the same job), portfolio work (where you monetize different skills and streams of work) are ways to get your career change process off the ground immediately. You substantially increase the odds of finding your ideal role, if you hit the ground running through these career pivots/side projects and coaching can help you quickly create a plan and get moving on this. During this process, you will also be able to refine your criteria for your ideal next step – whether it is flexibility, maximizing income, finding time to upskill for a new kind of role, autonomy etc.

Getting clear on the milestones for your career change process


Working with a career coach will help you get clear on milestones such as target level of income, number of days of independent consulting work you land, progress on learning/skilling courses you have started, getting your website up and ready, connecting with people in a new domain, updating your social media profiles, reworking your household budget to carve out a portion for upskilling etc. Your coach can ensure you review your milestones and keep you on track to work towards them

Starting off your independent consulting practice in an area of expertise


If you want to work independently, you must know your area of expertise very clearly and build your brand around that. Before you move into establishing your independent practice, career coaching conversations with an expert career coach can give you an edge in being able to sharply identify and position your skills and strengths.

Finding work which closely aligns to your values, needs, life-stage


Career coaching can help you discover work which is not only a livelihood, but also energizes you and makes you feel fulfilled. A coach holds and creates a space for you to expansively see your own potential, including skills and strengths which you may have even forgotten about. She supports you in creating new possibilities, experimenting with new kinds of work/work formats, all of which can lead to more fulfilment at work. So when your energy and engagement at work are getting sapped, you may need to give yourself the gift of career coaching to find work which aligns closely to your life-stage and deeper motivations/values.

The Future of Work which is already here will require us to keep reinventing ourselves in our work and career. According to the Guardian, Career paths are becoming fluid, with many following a zigzag rather than a straight path. The world is less predictable than it was in the industrial age, so you stay relevant by acquiring a portfolio of transferable skills

A McKinsey study says, the future of work is one with different kinds of transitions. Each kind of transition has implications on how people view and shape their work, continuously re-skill and re-invent themselves, and the impact of this on them -psychologically, physically and professionally. All of us will need to learn how to navigate multiple aspects of career transitions – professional and emotional and that’s what we are here to help you with. 

Career Transition Coaching Investment

INR 78000 (includes 18% GST)

The Career Transition Coaching process is a completely confidential 1-1 coaching paced over 4 months. This includes 6 online coaching sessions of 90 min each with our coaches (KAVITA NEELAKANTAN or NEERU GUPTA) who will coach you through the B-R-I-D-G-E process. These sessions will be scheduled according to mutual convenience, typically at an interval of 2-3 weeks between sessions. You will also be sent reflective exercises, readings and assigned other mini projects to do between the coaching sessions – these will be custom designed according to your needs and reviewed over email/phone between sessions as well. 

The coaching also includes psychometric tools to help you understand career interests/interpersonal behaviours, review of your career search process until now and what needs to change and ongoing support over email and phone as you distil your career into marketable stories that stand out.



Kavita Neelakantan

Kavita Neelakantan

FOUNDER, Kavyata

Kavita, an alumna of IIM Ahmedabad, brings 18 years of experience in Experiential Learning, Personal Growth & Organization Development.

Neeru Gupta

Neeru Gupta


Neeru previously headed the Learning function at McKinsey India and has been a facilitator, coach and change consultant for 23 years.




Aparna brings extensive experience in conducting experiential learning programs, executive coaching and competency based assessment centres.




An organizational psychologist, Pooja has 13 years of experience across work-life coaching, leadership development and behavioural skills...






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