Leadership Development Programs

We must search out totally new ways to anchor ourselves, for all the old roots are now shaking under the hurricane impact of the accelerative thrust. – Alvin Toffler

Leadership Development Programs

Uncertainty has to be met with agility and strong anchors: We are well and truly living in the most uncertain times that we have ever seen. Recent events such as the covid19 pandemic have heightened our experience of uncertainty and businesses and organizations have been struggling to come to terms with the extent of such uncertainty. 

However, this uncertainty as challenging and difficult as it is, also holds immense potential and promise. The only way we can thrive in uncertainty is if stay anchored in purpose, and learn to respond with the mindset of agility. Agility and purpose are not at odds with each other, because agility is a state of being which is continuously adaptive while retaining certain core characteristics. These core characteristics emerge from purpose and values.

In challenging and uncertain times, leadership must be rooted in purpose: Today, more than ever before, with the increasing complexity and challenge of doing business, leaders can only inspire, engage and mobilize people if they lead with purpose. Leadership development is in essence enabling leaders to lead with inspiration, connectedness and purpose.

Why do we focus on purpose and being centred through our leadership development programs?

At a time when businesses and organizations all over the world are needing to radically reframe what their core is, who they wish to serve and how, the need for leadership development to be anchored around purpose is ever more present. And quite counter-intuitively, both agility and high-growth are the result of being purpose driven.

Many high-growth companies use purpose to stay relevant in a fast-changing world. They are able to do this because their leaders lead with purpose and create a culture around the same. 

If businesses and organizations need to stand out in a crowded environment, they have to broaden their mission, attract and retain customers who connect to their core values and not just their products and services and build ecosystems. All this hinges on being purpose driven.

Leaders have to tightly enmesh purpose into their strategy. The two best tactics for doing that are to role model being purpose driven and to disseminate purpose throughout the organization.

How do our Leadership Development programs foster being purpose driven and centred?

Our leadership development programs have two defining characteristics – immersive and experiential. They are designed to impact the being and the doing of participants. We focus on enabling leaders to find and communicate their purpose through developing the following practices

  • Finding and conveying meaning at work – we help leaders connect to goals which they find personally meaningful and in line with their vision of who they want to be and how they want to lead. This becomes the source of their energy and they use their skills and strengths to rally people around this. Time and again, we find that leaders who are connected to goals which go beyond personal gain, are able to tell powerful and inspiring stories which bind people together and multiply their energy. Our leadership development programs therefore, teach leaders to dig into the source of such inspiring stories and communicate them compellingly.


  • Reframing difficult and challenging situations and emotions into growth opportunities – Purposeful leaders do not shy away from difficult and challenging situations, but instead reframe these to find possibilities for growth and learning for themselves and others. In our leadership development work, we encourage leaders to look at challenging situations in the face, and practice how they can see them more constructively.


  • Building connections and community – In a departure from the image of the leader as powerful, one who is an expert and has all the right answers, our leadership development programs enable leaders to become comfortable with asking for help and admitting that they may not know it all. This in turn helps them to be able to build authentic connections and facilitating the flow of important information across the organization much more quickly and effectively.


  • Experimenting and risking failure – By reframing failure as an opportunity to learn, our leadership development work enables leaders to see the value in experimenting. We get leaders to challenge what failure means to them personally and how they might reduce the fear of failure by de-personalizing it. This puts them in the space where they are then open to proactively looking at risks and possible failures with their people and plan mitigating strategies.


  • Managing their own energy – Leaders have to deal with a lot and this requires constantly replenishing and growing their own energy. We help leaders develop a range of practices to energize themselves (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually).

Key takeaways for the Organization

The greatest benefit to organizations from investing in purpose driven leadership development is in equipping leaders to be able to respond to change. This is of high value, considering the turbulent times and the rapid rate of change that businesses are continuously exposed to.

The other organizational benefits are

  • A culture of learning getting embedded because of more open, authentic communication and information flows
  • Collaborative networks unleashed when leaders role model trust building and open communication

Methodology of our Leadership Development Programs

Our leadership development programs are highly experiential and immersive. They are customized to each organization’s need, but some key parts of the process include

  • Individual reflection and self-awareness through psychometric tools
  • Personal Insights – experiential techniques to uncover personal narratives, strong suits and patterns. Connecting to personal purpose and meaning.
  • Storytelling to learn how to use stories to articulate values, purpose and influence key stakeholders
  • Personal Mastery tools and practices focused on managing Energy, Focus and Time
  • 1-1 Coaching with experienced coaches

We draw upon neuroscience, experiential learning theory and adult development to focus on achieving awareness, developing lasting new practices and further enhancing existing strengths.