Inner Selfie – Self-Awareness for Future Readiness

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“We cannot CHANGE what we are not aware of, and once we are AWARE, we cannot help but change.” – Sheryl Sandberg

Inner Selfie is an ONLINE course designed to help professionals acquire the future ready skill of developing and practicing self-awareness.

What is Inner Selfie about

We take hundreds of selfies every year, capturing our moods, what we’ve been doing and where we’ve been. But how often do we take an IINNER SELFIE – looking inside ourselves to understand what our values, passions, aspirations, impact, patterns and reactions are? INNER SELFIE turns the camera inward, helping us develop this self-awareness.

Self-awareness is “the ability to see ourselves clearly — to understand who we are, how others see us, and how we fit into the world around us.” – Tasha Eurich, author of Insight 

In the future of work and already now (see World Economic Forum Skills 2022 pic alongside), some of the key skills like Emotional Intelligence, Leadership and social influence and Active learning strategies have a common underlying skill – that of developing and practicing SELF-AWARENESS.

How does INNER SELFIE work:

  • FULLY ONLINE – A set of 4 online 1-1 confidential sessions, scheduled according to mutual convenience, each 1 hour duration
  • USE OF TOOLS – Tools like psychometric assessments (FIRO B, Strong Interest Inventory, Values in Action, 4 Tendencies Quiz) used to understand inter-personal behaviours, vocational interests, values and aspirations, patterns of responding etc. Choice of tools used depends on individual needs
  • PRACTICE ORIENTED – Does not stop at just generating self-awareness. Works with you to develop customized steps for putting insights into action and developing habits 

Who is Inner Selfie for?

Inner Selfie is for anyone who wants to develop the essential future skill of Self-Awareness, especially if you want to 

Develop leadership behaviours and become more effective as a professional by knowing your strengths, limitations, patterns

Know why you feel stuck/restless in what you are doing so you can change that

Target better opportunities/roles by understanding the value you bring – your strengths, skills, leadership behaviours and match that to potential employers

Be a more effective manager by understanding yourself in relation to others and understanding others better

Inner Selfie works best if you’ve had some professional experience (about 3-4 years plus) and are looking at developing yourself for the next leg of your career, by being more self-aware

Key Takeaways of Inner Selfie

Inner Selfie gives you takeaways in 7 areas by helping you understand yourself better in these

Values (the principles that guide you)

Passions (what you love to do)

Aspirations (what you want to experience and achieve)

Fit (the environment you require to be happy and engaged)

Patterns (your consistent ways of thinking, feeling and behaving)

Reactions (the thought, feelings, and behaviors that reveal your capabilities)

Impact (the effect you have on others)

Outcomes of Inner Selfie

Each person’s Inner Selfie is unique. The range of outcomes of Inner Selfie include

Knowing which kinds of jobs/opportunities to target more effectively by understanding one’s skills/values/aspirations

Understanding one’s impact on one’s team/colleagues and adapting one’s behaviours accordingly

Reducing stress/anxiety by understanding one’s reactions to situations and taking steps to change these

Becoming a better leader

Inner Selfie Course Outline

Inner Selfie Course Fee

INR 32,000/– (Includes 4 online 1-1 sessions of 1 hour each, learning materials such as readings and 18% GST)


Kavita Neelakantan

Kavita Neelakantan

FOUNDER, Kavyata

Kavita, an alumna of IIM Ahmedabad, brings 18 years of experience in Experiential Learning, Personal Growth & Organization Development.

Neeru Gupta

Neeru Gupta


Neeru previously headed the Learning function at McKinsey India and has been a facilitator, coach and change consultant for 23 years.

Animesh Gupta

Animesh Gupta

Consultant, Kavyata



An organizational psychologist, Pooja has 13 years of experience across work-life coaching, leadership development and behavioural skills...

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