Agility/Growth Coaching

“The major key to your better future is YOU. To have more, become more. Work harder on yourself, than you do on your job.” – Jim Rohn

Taking ownership of your own growth and learning and demonstrating agility, will be key differentiators for your future readiness. Develop future readiness through our agility/growth coaching.

We are well and truly in the 4th Industrial revolution (especially post covid19) where the most important ingredients for professional success are learning, agility and adaptiveness.

At the individual level, this means we need to ‘wire’ ourselves into thinking and being agile, learning continuously and adopting a growth mindset. How can we do this, especially if we haven’t been taught these mindsets and habits through our education and early career experiences? We can, if we are willing to invest in our own growth through coaching.

Our Agility/Growth Coaching enables you to 

  1. Operate confidently from a place of your strengths, and be aware and open to new perspectives
  2. Acquire both emotional and cognitive flexibility which helps you adapt to a changing world
  3. Learn how to drive yourself towards goals that matter to you

Why and when do you need Agility/Growth Coaching??

In today’s dynamic environments, professionals need very different mindsets from those used in earlier, more stable times. Agility/Growth coaching is especially important for leaders and people managers who are facing any of the following :

  • The need to work in an uncertain environment, where a shift is required from detailed planning to innovation and continuous experimentation. Coaching helps to remove the mindset blocks to taking risks, experimenting, letting go of certainty and becoming more collaborative, all helping to foster a climate of innovation.
  • A feeling that one’s own knowledge and skills are becoming less relevant/dated, requiring personal and professional reinvention. We support you through this reinvention, by enabling you to discover and use lesser known potentials in yourself.
  • The need to become ‘intrapreneurs’, driving innovation through one’s teams. Here, the coaching process helps you acquire fluidity of perspectives/approaches/behaviours, making you lead more effectively.
  • The transition into people leadership roles, requiring you to work more collectively and collaboratively. With coaching, you develop self-awareness, inter-personal skills (empathy, listening) and the ability to engage and influence people.

Outcomes of Agility/Growth Coaching

Agility/Growth coaching taps into your potential, expanding it and making it more available and useful to you in pursuing your own goals and aspirations. Our integrated coaching approach which blends Neuroscience, Positive Psychology and Eastern traditions, can benefit you in a number of ways including

  • Learning the mindsets to thrive amidst technological and business environment changes
  • Getting clarity on your energy enhancers and energy blockers, so you can enhance your productivity and effectiveness
  • Being able to see others’ perspectives, leading to improved relationships
  • Greater self-awareness, enabling you to work more effectively on your goals and aspirations

The major building blocks of our coaching are

  • KNOWING YOURSELF – we use psychometric tools, storytelling, structured exercises for this
  • EXPANDING YOUR POTENTIAL – through many exercises (supported by neuroscience) designed to break through old patterns and seed new ways of thinking and doing
  • SUSTAINING & GROWING YOUR ENERGY – creative visualization of possibilities and putting in place practices to move towards these