5 Steps to Building Sustainable Careers

5 Steps to Building Sustainable Careers

Too often I see people focused on the next role/job opportunity, missing what they can do to make create sustainable careers for themselves.

We are likely to be working /need to be actively employed for much longer than the previous generation – longer lifespans, increasing use of technology etc giving rise to this.

So what can help us craft sustainable careers and increase the odds of us being gainfully and fulfillingly employed over the longer haul? There are 5 key things

1. Having and knowing one’s key hard skills, and regularly upgrading these

2. Knowing one’s key ‘Soft’ or human skills, and developing them especially, in the areas of Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking

3. Being able to interact with technology usefully and productively – think data, devices, technology enabled processes

4. Having a growth mindset and a broad direction

5. Being tuned to the external environment and the changes it is likely to bring

Focusing on only 1-2 to the exclusion of others, is like trying to play cricket or tennis with only your thumb and forefinger.

It makes you more risk-prone when it comes to durable and sustainable careers and career growth!



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Kavita, an alumna of IIM Ahmedabad, brings 20 years of experience in Experiential Learning, Coaching, Personal Growth & Change. Her forte is Career Transition Coaching and Leadership Development for mid-senior individuals, helping them find success and fulfilment at work . She also teaches Career & Self Development courses at leading management institutes including IIM Kozhikode, IIM Udaipur, IIM Indore and at the IITs.