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Ideas of Career Development

3 Big Ideas for your Career Development

Career development is something which every professional has to think about actively for himself/herself. Never before has it been as much the individual’s responsibility to take charge of her own career development as it is now. Here are three big ideas for your career development...

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Mistakes To Avoid In Your Job Search Process

5 Mistakes To Avoid If You Want A Career Change

Many a career change story never sees the light of day! That's because of some very common mistakes when it comes to career change decisions and actions. 5 common career change mistakes   1. Overthinking it: Career change like many other decisions in life requires some thought, but...

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career design principles

Top 7 principles to Design a Career

Are you feeling confused, uncertain and anxious about how to change your career? Or maybe you want to grow your career, but the usual upward and linear career growth path doesn’t excite you? Take off your career planning hat and wear the hat of a career...

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8 Ways to Grow your Career Sustainably

Careers of the 21st century are no longer linear. Therefore the idea of career growth in today’s times cannot be linear too. Career growth is not only an upward movement in careers, it has multiple other meanings and markers. What are some of these markers and...

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