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Urja – Rekindle the Energy

-121Days -15Hours -36Minutes -7Seconds


URJA – REKINDLE THE ENERGY is a 3 day powerful and invigorating workshop that helps you find and release the energy you need to take new steps/re-invent yourself in your work and career.


Reinventing ourselves in our work and careers is a critical need because of

  • Business or organizational ask to become more flexible and adaptive, given rapid rate of change
  • Burnout, high stress, disengagement resulting from unsatisfactory career choices and work not being aligned to own interests, talents and needs
  • External factors such as industry downturn, organizational changes, more promising opportunities outside current domain etc
  • Rapid rate of obsolescence of skills and expectation to re-skill and up-skill continuously

Why do we need to reinvent in our careers?

Urja participants share their experiences

The Promise of Urja

Finding the Energy to Reinvent/Transition is most vital
This Energy arises from understanding your

  • Deeper aspirations around work, career
  • Self – your strong suits, limiting patterns, latent potential…….And aligning these to ….
  • Opportunities and career directions which are present and emerging in the environment

Key Takeaways of Urja

  • Energize yourself to act on your deeper desires and hidden potential
  • Reshape your work/career aligned to your talents, values and needs
  • Understand patterns of your thoughts-feelings-actions and their impact on your professional journey. Learn how to change these.
  • Become intentional about personal and professional decisions


Workshop Fee

Workshop Fee : INR 35,000

Includes workshop facilitation charges, stay, all meals and snacks, 4 months post program group coaching and taxes



Kavita Neelakantan

Kavita Neelakantan

Manjunath Nanjaiah

Manjunath Nanjaiah

Neeru Gupta

Neeru Gupta




Kavita, an alumna of IIM Ahmedabad, brings over 16 years of experience in the domains of Experiential Learning, Adult Learning, Personal Growth & Change and Organization Development.

Kavita has completed her internship in Applied Behavioural Sciences from the Sumedhas Academy for Human Context She has worked with leading Indian and international companies including Johnson & Johnson India Ltd, Xseed Education, Goldman Sachs and Usha International Ltd. As a facilitator and coach, Kavita brings sharp insights along with a deeply supportive and empathetic style. She has worked with clients across domains, including IT, higher education, social entrepreneurship, development sector and healthcare.

Kavita’s forte is Transition coaching and facilitation. Her work around Transitions is influenced deeply by developmental and social psychologists (such as Robert Kegan, Jean Piaget,  Clare Graves, Suzanne Cook-Greuter etc) and looks at how individuals and collectives (such as organizations) go through stages of development, with associated behaviours, perspectives and challenges.