Power In The Middle

Life in the middle is tough and not just because of work. When a new strategy is rolled out, it is the mid-senior managers who have to make sure it gets implemented—on time, on budget, and on top of everything else on their plate.

Mid-senior managers have a unique set of challenges which are often misunderstood and often inadequately addressed in typical leadership/management development programs.

  • Micro-transitions – Mid-senior managers are expected, several times, to switch between influencing (exerting power and authority) their subordinates and being influenced (receiving strategy prescriptions) by leadership. This switching takes a psychological and energy toll.
  • Life-stage transitions – Although it is common to brush aside personal issues like life-stage, for this cohort, the spillover of life-stage transitions onto energy and hence performance at work, is significant. It can only be ignored at the cost of sacrificicing productivity and results.
  • Personalised attention to development is usually unavailable – Mid-senior managers are typically sent to group programs for management/leadership development, but their stressors/productivity chokers are usually ignored in such group formats. 1-1 Coaching is reserved for top management.

Your organization’s power is in the middle. A de-energised middle is like having a heart which is not pumping at its optimum capacity. It costs the organization and cascades into delayed decision making, inefficient processes and lack of morale at the frontline.

Power in the Middle is our unique intervention to unlock the potential and productivity of the mid-senior cohort. It is a powerful combination of Executive Coaching, Peer Coaching and Learning Tools/Frameworks to address the psychological energy and the leadership capabilities of this cohort.

Key takeaways for Mid-senior managers

  • Greater mindfulness and clarity of purpose
  • Proficiency in skill set needed to succeed in senior leadership roles
  • Mastery of change and results leadership
  • Accountability for personal and organizational development

Key takeaways for Organization

  • Strong leadership pipeline
  • Business learning getting embedded both within managers and organizational ecosystem
  • Collaborative networks unleashed due to peer learning formats
  • Systemic change readiness

The Process

A Field-Forum hybrid Coaching and Training Program that incorporates the latest insights from neuroscience, experiential learning theory and adult development to focus on achieving awareness, developing lasting new habits and further enhancing existing strengths

  • Individual reflection and self-awareness through psychometric tools
  • Personal Insights – an experiential workshop to uncover personal narratives, strong suits and patterns
  • Field work through working on personal business challenge, supported by peer coaching
  • Personal Mastery workshop on tools and practices focused on managing Energy, Focus and Time
  • 1-1 Coaching with experienced coaches
  • Personal Leadership workshop to learn influencing, building networks, managing conflicts and engaging stakeholders