Career Transition Coaching

Are you at the point of transitioning careers or having career change thrust upon you e.g. relocation, layoff, burnout?

Career transition/change can make you feel uncertain, lonely, confused, overwhelmed.

Our career transition coaching process simplifies your transition to a fulfilling career by helping you acquire the knowledge, mindset and skills needed to build a career on your own terms.

Career Change Coaching

The Process

Career transition works when there is a method and structure to it! That’s what we found, based on our work with scores of transitioning individuals. We’ve distilled this work into strategies and a process that yield results, across professionals of varying circumstances. 

It’s called the B-R-I-D-G-E process, helping you build a bridge to your next professional step:

  1. BUILD & BROADEN (B) – By mapping your career and life story, we identify your core strengths, values, interests, skills and aspirations. And how can you broaden your skills by creating a skill stack? We help you with these and also zero in on your key transferable skills.
  2. RE’NEW’ RELATIONSHIPS (R) – Successful career change/transition hinges a lot on cultivating new networks which position you for new kinds of opportunities. We help you identify important relationships and strategies for widening your network in a way to support your career interests, career pivots.
  3. IDENTIFY INTERSECTING INTERESTS (I) – What do your different interests tell you about your career direction? We help you identify and pursue most relevant interests and establish own key criteria to assess them.
  4. DISCOVER BY DOING (D) – Can you quickly test your way to a  promising career direction with low risk? Yes, we build nifty pilots with you to help you take small steps with career prototypes and get real time feedback.
  5. GROUND & GROW (G) – We work with you to help you create a strong narrative for your brand and body of work.
  6. ENGAGE TO ENERGIZE (E) – We work on energy flows and blocks which will enable clear, continuous steps towards your career goals.

Why would you need Career Transition Coaching ??

The average person will change careers (not just jobs) at least 4-7 times over her working life. Career Transition is the NEW NORMAL. 

And yet Career change or transition often brings us face to face with many fears and assumptions which block us in our path towards greater fulfilment at work.  So if you are experiencing any of these, you are a good candidate for Career Transition coaching

  1. Unclear direction – you don’t know what kind of work/career you want, but your current work is leaving you unfulfilled
  2. Skills gap – you sense you need to upgrade/switch your skills to move into a career you want, but don’t know how to go about it
  3. Social pressure – if expectations of family and friends around your work/career are weighing you down, you need help to step back and clarify what your own work aspirations are
  4. Impostor syndrome – if you feel like a fraud/not good enough, then we help you with taking small, manageable steps to overcome this
  5. Career change anxiety – if you are wracked by doubts on whether the career change you want will throw you into uncertainty or make you have to start from zero

Outcomes of Career Transition Coaching

Each person’s career needs are unique and so are the outcomes of Career Transition Coaching. A range of possible outcomes includes


  • Figuring out a new, exciting career path to pursue
  • Getting clarity on your career drivers and overcoming career blockers in terms of your mindset
  • Successfully showcasing your transferable skills to a new employer and moving into a new role
  • Starting part-time/volunteer projects to pivot/transition into a new domain/function
  • Knowing which areas to re-skill/upskill yourself to prepare for your next move
  • Starting off your independent consulting practice in an area of expertise
  • Finding work which closely aligns to your values, needs, life-stage


The Future of Work which is already here will require us to keep reinventing ourselves in our work and career. According to the Guardian, Career paths are becoming fluid, with many following a zigzag rather than a straight path. The world is less predictable than it was in the industrial age, so you stay relevant by acquiring a portfolio of transferable skills

A McKinsey study says, the future of work is one with different kinds of transitions. Each kind of transition has implications on how people view and shape their work, continuously re-skill and re-invent themselves, and the impact of this on them -psychologically, physically and professionally. All of us will need to learn how to navigate multiple aspects of career transitions – professional and emotional and that’s what we are here to help you with.