Why build breakthrough Teams

In today’s VUCA (Volatile-Uncertain-Complex-Ambiguous) world, for organizations to be disruptive and produce breakthrough innovation, a different thinking and communication approach within teams is required. It calls for ‘Broaden & Build’ by fostering trust, curiosity and confidence as opposed to only ‘Problem Solve’.

Google, one of the world’s most admired and successful companies, through its ‘Project Aristotle’ also discovered that psychological safety is the key factor in team performance and success.

For Whom

In new age companies, with a rapid rate of technological advancement and a changing business environment, the way teams come together to work on complex and unknown problems is critical. Teams are formed quickly, often virtually and they comprise people with huge diversity among them. In such teams, the quality of communication and relatedness significantly impacts information sharing, ideation, innovation and problem solving.

Whole > Parts Team interventions are for teams who want to see a step-change in their performance and results. They are especially useful for:
– Senior leadership teams of high-tech small and medium organizations
– Teams which tend to work remotely or in distributed locations
– Teams which are working on ‘wicked’ problems – problems without easy answers in one place
– Teams which need to deliver significant innovation in a short period of time

Key takeaways

  • Upgrade trust and communication within team. Trust has a direct impact on energy, engagement, productivity and retention.

  • Fuel risk-taking and innovation.
  • Reduce mistakes by making reviews and post-mortems more honest.
  • Increase organizational learning by distilling practices to generate breakthrough team performance


Kavita, an alumna of IIM Ahmedabad, brings over 16 years of experience in the domains of Experiential Learning, Adult Learning, Personal Growth & Change and Organization Development.

Kavita has completed her internship in Applied Behavioural Sciences from the Sumedhas Academy for Human Context http://sumedhas.org. She has worked with leading Indian and international companies including Johnson & Johnson India Ltd, Xseed Education, Goldman Sachs and Usha International Ltd. As a facilitator and coach, Kavita brings sharp insights along with a deeply supportive and empathetic style. She has worked with clients across domains, including IT, higher education, social entrepreneurship, development sector and healthcare.

Kavita’s forte is Transition coaching and facilitation. Her work around Transitions is influenced deeply by developmental and social psychologists (such as Robert Kegan, Jean Piaget,  Clare Graves, Suzanne Cook-Greuter etc) and looks at how individuals and collectives (such as organizations) go through stages of development, with associated behaviours, perspectives and challenges.