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Urja – A 3 day journey of self-discovery, cognitive and emotional flexibility and inspiration, based on brain, human and social sciences, to seed and grow inner agility

Why do we need URJA – Energy for Inner Agility

Massive disruption all around us (customer demands, technological advances, changing expectations of talent) requires extreme responsiveness, and a culture that supports this. Like it or not, this culture is created and imbued with the mindsets and practices of the organization’s managers and leaders.


While the organization may adopt the right tools and processes to support agility, the success in their implementation hinges on leaders’ inner agility – their own mindsets and practices to lead in new ways. This inner agility, the emotional and cognitive flexibility to respond to change and disruption is often overlooked or taken for granted, resulting in leaders falling back upon old habits which are not suited to the disruptive times. 


Urja is about developing inner agility – starting from articulating personal response to change and uncertainty. This releases energy and creates clarity for leaders and their teams to respond to change and complexity with a sense of purpose and to take new actions for impact.

The Promise of Urja

Through immersive experiences, self-reflection, peer feedback and co-creation of meaning, participants learn 5 practices to enhance inner agility

  • Create reflective pauses which seed new actions and choices
  • Embrace openness to ‘not know’ and to be wrong
  • Find different parts of the answer across the network and the ecosystem
  • Test solutions, and their own responses, through rapid experimentation
  • Define and lead with purpose, not just set goals


Urja fosters mindsets for inner agility

  • Beginner’s mindset – Openness, eagerness and a lack of preconceptions
  • Intentionality – Purposiveness and taking responsibility for one’s choices and actions
  • Co-creation – Collaborative solutioning along with partners and stakeholders
  • Experimentation – Using self as learning lab to experiment, learn and grow

Participants takeaway

  • Clear personal response to change and complexity
  • Understanding of how to rewire old habits
  • New practices to lead their teams and engage with ecosystem partners
  • Deep peer relationships with cohort members, that sustain post program
  • Increased resilience and practices to foster and grow energy (mental, emotional, physical)


Workshop Fee

Urja Fees : INR 35,000

Includes program facilitation charges, stay, all meals and snacks for 3 days and 4 months post program group coaching. GST included

To Register

Kavita @9910671695